Wednesday, January 27, 2010


My brain was on fire last night.

Seriously, it felt like it as I ran a fever that made my mind do crazy things. Had some of the strangest dreams too. I call them "defrag dreams"...cause they seem to be a defrag of all the nonsense you've built up in your brain over the days leading up to them.

These dreams were an insane mix of wedding preparations for some girl I didn't know, car bombs and parades, oil pipelines and well drilling, kidnap & ransom heists and best of all, "tremors" worm-like aliens eating villagers at random.

And I was the heroine of the whole story.

It always creeps me out majorly when I wake up from a dream, toss and turn for 20 minutes, fall back asleep...and pick up the dream where it left off. Ever had that happen? Talk about weird.

Last night, the story would begin in a random jungle village, where wormy aliens would come up through the ground to eat people. In my brilliant heroism, I knew that drilling very lucrative oil wells would stop the raids? Hmm. And then of course the bad guys had to stop me, so they would try everything from attempted kidnappings to car bombs to sending in undercover agents disguised as a wedding party.

This dream repeated itself 6 different times.

I can only hope this isn't an indication of my level of sanity. Or that it is a scenario that will repeat itself any time in the future. *gasp*

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The Godfather said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. That's great. I once had a dream that went on for 3 nights in a row. I was a jedi knight in Iraq and I had to put burning oil wells out and it was on a video game map. i was on cough syrup with codeine at the time so that may have help it along.