Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A New Purpose...

I sit here staring at a blank screen, waiting for words to appear.

It's been 20 minutes at least since I set down my last work task for the day and opened the page. Words don't come like they used to.

Ideas and funny quips are harder to extract from a frazzled and overwhelmed brain. I've been distracted by at least 3 other things...a large "Timelines of History" expose full of cool facts and fascinating pictures, the glaring list over my desk that reads "Goals for 2014" and another smaller book entitled "642 Things to Write About."

I almost let that last one distract me. Who wouldn't rather write a scenario about solving the world's problems with Bill Gates' finances???

But I'd rather stick to what brought me here in the first place.

The nagging question, Who have I become since I last wrote a blog?

The answer is hard to peg down. I honestly don't know me anymore. I read through some blogs I'd posted back in 2010. 4 years ago doesn't seem so far away yet to read the thoughts of 26 year old Amy was...telling. Such a different outlook on life...and THAT outlook was world's different from the blog files I found from even farther back (dating 2004 and further!) I think back to what I wanted then and who I was.

A lot of my core goals haven't changed in 4 years...even 10 years. I still want the same things, but I'm surprised at how badly I've been sidetracked from those goals over the years.

There's always something.

So I'm going to make good on one of my goals this year. I'm going to write a blog every day. They may not be amazing. They may not be read by anyone but me. Some days they may be nonsensical, but one thing is sure. Every week (or at least every month) there will be a new blog about one of my goals that is started, being worked on or (finally!) completed after being on these lists for years.

Ready, set...write!

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